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Adverse Weather


Emergency School Closure in the event of adverse weather

In the winter, there may be occasions when the school cannot open in the morning due to the weather. If this is the case, we will advertise this on the Highland Council’s School Telephone Information Service, on Moray Firth radio and on the school website.


Highland Council School Telephone Information Service

Dial Highland Council’s access number: 0800 564 2272

Enter the school’s own pin number: 04 2740


The Highland Council Website, Facebook and Twitter

The Council’s website http://www.highland.gov.uk/schoolclosures will be updated with information for individual schools

The Council’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/highlandcouncil will show updated posts on the latest news of school closures and weather related problems

The Council’s Twitter page at https://twitter.com/HighlandCouncil will list Tweets of the latest news of school closures and weather related problems

Closure during the day

Although we try and avoid this if at all possible, very occasionally there may be the necessity to close the school during the school day. If this happens, please inform the school of how your child will arrive home safely. Note– nursery children will be kept at nursery until collected by a parent.

The closure will be advertised in the same manner as above (ie: Highland Council School Telephone Information service, Moray Firth radio, and the website). The school will endeavour to give one hour’s warning of closure.  Parents will therefore have a set time as to when the school will close.The school  will also inform parents as to whether the buses will be running or not.

This means that if the weather becomes bad during the school day, parents need to be proactive in finding out whether the school is closing. If it is the afternoon, the school may make the decision just to keep the children until home time.

Parents should use the alternative methods and not phone the school as we only have one line.

Parents will need to make a decision as to whether or not you will always collect your child or, after the set hour, whether you wish them to walk home or go on the bus (if it is running). In addition, if the weather is bad, you could send a note into your child’s class teacher to detail what you have organised to happen in the event of a school closure that day eg Mrs Brown (neighbour) to collect them.

This information has been collected already by the school from parents.  If you wish to update this information, please contact the school office.



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