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Houses and house points

Our House Captains and Vice-Captains are:

Lettoch Captain: Alix

Lettoch Vice-Captain: Heather

Coulmore Captain: Ryan

Coulmore Vice-Captain: Amy

Drumderfit Captain: Jamie

Drumderfit Vice-Captain: Josh

House Points

The children at North Kessock Primary Schools are all part of one of three houses: Drumderfit, Coulmore or Lettoch.  They enjoy earning house points through working hard and being helpful and kind.  The children find out the total house points every week in assembly and get 1 marble for every 10 house points earned.  The first House to fill their jar with marbles gets a reward of their choice!

Class Points

The children in each class work together to earn class points for overall good behaviour.  The class that earns the most class points over the week is the Champion Class and gets an extra playtime and the opportunity to sit on the Champion Class benches.

Star of the Day

The children at North Kessock Primary School get the chance to be star of the day in their class!  This is earned by getting to the top of the peg chart and is chosen by their class teacher.




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