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Welcome to our Primary 2 Blog!


 We have worked as a big team to create a class jigsaw.  We all have a piece as everyone is a very important part of the class.


Data Handling

We have been learning to organise data this week.   We were using tally marks to collect information on our favourite fruit.  We then made a bar graph and were able to read the information clearly and answer questions on it.   



“Strawberries are the most popular fruit in the class.”    Lewis.

“The least popular fruit is pears and bananas.”   Ellie

“4 people liked blueberries and apples.”    Brooke

“People liked strawberries the best, 11 people!”   Kyle

“I liked writing the labels on the graph. ”   Calum

“I liked using the tally marks.  We use them for our house points too.” Mathew

Keeping Healthy

“We made an emotional check in.  We made lots of pictures to explain our feelings.  I made scared.   We do this every day in the morning and can change it if we want.  This week it is me and Evie’s job to check everyone has done it.  ” Ellen

“We have been doing dance and games and yoga in P.E. We have done the tree pose, the triangle pose and the dog pose!  My favouite is the dog pose.  After I do yoga I feel relaxed.”   Mandla

“We have been walking a mile a day!  We walked round the pitch 3 times! I ran the last lap.”  Lewis

Primary 2 Beach Clean

“I was happy when we were going to the beach clean because I really wanted to help clean the Moray Firth.”  Lewis “We went on a beach clean to help keep the Moray Firth clean.”   Evie “We care about the dolphins.” Cordelia “I was sleepy after becasue it was hard work.” Rogan “After I felt happy and tired!”   Olivia

 “I found 3 bits of glass, 1 bottle and paper!  That is bad because if there was a strong wind it could go into the water and the animals might think it is food and choke.”    Brooke

“I found tins of cola bottles, people should have put that in the bin.”  Ellie

Halloween Time

“Halloween was fun.  We wrote spooky stories and we made a spooky picture to go with it.  In my story Mr Pumpkin came and messed my bedroom up!”  Ellie “On Halloween I wrote a spooky story about a Dementor coming to my new house.”  Calum “When I came in the class was dark and spooky.  There were decorations.  It was fun.” Cordelia “There were boxes with holes on the top, we put our hands in and I thought it was eyeballs! It was scary when I first put my hand in, afterwards I was happy!”  Ellen “We were using our senses on Halloween to guess what was in the boxes, but we couldn’t use our eyes, we had to smell and touch the things.  Some were slimy, some were soft, some were tickly, some were spooky!”  Cailyn, Lewis and Ellen

Bonfire Night


We hope you like our acrostic poems!  We have worked really hard on them! 

We have also done some nice art work using pastels to create a lovely firework display. 

Everyone worked hard to retell the story of Guy Fawkes in their own words. 

We have been learning all about Scotland!   It was lots of fun.  We really enjoyed learning about the Scot’s Language and making some kilts. 

World Book Day 

Reading is very important to us and we have had so much fun celebrating World Book day!  We came to school dressed as our favourite book character and brought in our favourite books.  We had a great time in drama acting out scenes from books, doing some hot seating of characters and making freeze frames. 



  Class Meeting 

We have had a very important class meeting after the Easter holidays to decide what our new topic is going to be and to recap on our class rules!  


At our meeting we have decided to learn all about space and we are very excited!   The first thing everyone wanted to do was make a solar system so we have been very busy working in teams to do this.    









“Our new topic is space, we have been learning fun facts, Jupiter is so big that all the other planets can fit inside it.  We have started making a solar system.   The smallest planet is mercury.”   Ellen

“ We have been painting planets and then we made a sun, the sun is not a planet,  it is a really big star.”  Keira

“We have made up our own alien, we gave it a name, age and what they like and don’t like.  My alien was called Ellie, she is 1001 years old she likes jelly and doesn’t like the planet Jupiter.” Ellie

“My alien is called Elvis and he is 200 years old he loves singing and does not like the moon.”  Kyle

Jon, “My alien is called Ben, he is 199999  years old, he likes the moon and he doesn’t like earth” 

 Noah,“ My alien is called Flushy and he is 79999998 years old he likes going on adventures to earth and he doesn’t like bananas”  

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  • Sharon Green


    What a fantastic blog everyone!
    You have been working so hard and it is lovely to see all the amazing things you have been learning in class and the pictures are great too.

    Keep up the fabulous work and a great big “high five” to Miss Gordon and Mrs Reid.

    “Merci” for sharing with us.

    Coran’s Mam 🙂

  • nicola rogans mum

    Aww this is a fab idea… i love getting a sneak peek into what you fab bunch are doing (seen as rogan doesnt always tell me!) ;p keep up the great work guys

  • Ruth, Ellen's Mum

    Wow! this is great! What fantastic stuff – its great to see what you are up to – very proud and very informative too!

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