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Hello, and welcome from Primary 5/6 to our Class Blog 2015 / 2016 !

It’s been a really busy start to the year, but we’ve finally found time to sit down and update this year’s class blog. We’ll be using the blog to update you on as many of our classroom activities as we can! Please feel free to send us your feedback – let us know what you’d like to read about, what you think of our blog posts, and any other comments.





We’ve almost finished our Japan project. The subject of our last few weeks’ homework was Buddhism. We had to choose a research task from the grid to complete which was certainly different!   Zen Gardens, the Dalai Lama, Vegetarian Recipes, Buddhist Symbols, a Meditation Diary and Prayer Flags all feature in the display outside the classroom. Come and have a look if you have time. Here are some of the AMAZING Zen gardens we made for homework…….











We  made a display for all the things we’d found out about Japan. We even made a special blessings tree!








Primary 6 Euroquiz Team

The Euroquiz team has now been formed and has started  meeting on Friday lunchtimes to start  preparations for the competition in March 2016. The team will need to memorise lots of information about the EU, the languages spoken within EU countries as well as the culture, history and sport of countries within the EU. Lots of work but hopefully fun and interesting too.







Our science topic for this term is Sound and Light. We have been looking at how sound travels through air. We made string telephones using paper cups and lots of string. They worked amazingly well!

Interesting Animal Sound Fact……


Although we can’t hear them, blue whales are one of the loudest animals on the planet, communicating with each other using a series of low frequency pulses, groans, and moans. It is thought that in good conditions blue whales can hear each over distances of up to 1,600km.


Christmas Concert

We’ve started practising for our Christmas Carol Concert and the singing is good.  We still have to learn our words off by heart  and we still need to put in some actions but  it’s going well at the moment.

March Update

We had an unexpected visitor during our Maths lesson one morning. The visitor stayed for a while resting on the window ledge and only flew off at the end of the lesson! 


JACOBITES: We completed  our Jacobites project  and found out lots of interesting facts. We had a  mini archaeological dig one sunny afternoon….





… and when we had finished the project , we had a Highland Charge in the playground with the targes and Jacobite badges we had made ! 


Visitor: Mr Anderson, a student with UHI,  came to work with us during February and March. We had  a debate on the Refugee Crisis and in Science had fun  looking  at the Human Digestive System. Here we are investigating how it works…..



Here are some of the fantastic entries in our Easter Egg Competition !
































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