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North Kessock Ferry and Bridge Exhibition

We went on a trip to the Kessock Bridge to get some inspiration for our writing task and our artwork. When we got back we did some of our artwork and started our writing, we had a choice of three sizes of paper. For our writing we did a poem and an imaginary story. After we had finished we put them forward to the North Kessock Ferry and Bridge Exhibition. On Saturday 17th September we all tried to make it to the North Kessock Hall and see them being displayed

By Abi and Euan

World War II

P6/7 are learning about WWII.

We have been coffee and tea staining paper and writing about imagining life as an evacuee. We have been creating a booklet each about the war and evacuees. In class our reading books are on something about the war, the books are called The Silver Sword and Goodnight Mr Tom.   We learned that roughly 60million people died and about 40million of the people that died weren’t even fighting in the war, they were just normal people like me and you. Some people are bringing in books, pictures, medals and even family members to tell stories.  We are enjoying this topic so far. 

By Aiden & Georgia



P.E this year has been very good for keeping us fit and healthy because we are running and exercising lots as well as using coordination. We have been out of our breath sometimes but we still keep going.

We have been doing different sports like handball, basketball, hockey, volleyball and football. We have also been doing skipping as a warm up. Our P.E. teachers are Miss Junor

and Mr Holmes.   


On Wednesday the 9th of November primary 6/7 went on a class trip to fort George.

Fort George

On Wednesday 9th November 2016 Miss Gordon and Primry 6/7 took a class trip to Fort George as part of our World War II topic. 

We started by being told to line up by a soldier just outside the fort. We then got split into two groups the first group went with the soldier to look at photos and find out lots of facts about WWII. The photos were of things like fake tanks and guns to trick other solders .We got to hold a gun, a soldier’s heath kit, loo roll, an itchy towel and lots more. We then got to practise throwing grenades with tennis balls inside socks. We took turns on throwing them into a bucket and Heather was the first to get one in.

The second group got taken to the museum to look at lots of artefacts that are to do with WWII. We also got to draw one artefact from the museum too. We later switched around so we got to do everything in the fort. Last we went to the gift shops and bought lots  of stuff.

It was a fantastic day. 


  • Lewis

    I am really going miss gymnastics at north kessock

  • Ellie S

    On our trip today I learnt that the Barracks got blown up by the Jacobites.
    My favourite part was going in the Blackhouses and getting a piggie back from Miss MacKenzie!

  • Rosie

    My favourite bit from the trip was when we went with the Redcoats to the drama about the invasions from the Jacobites.
    I learnt more about what the Blackhouses looked like inside.

  • Finn

    On the trip today I learnt about all the different types of Blackhouses that were there at the time of the Highland Clearances, and how they lived back then.
    My favourite part of the trip was gettting to see and hold lots of different weapons that were used against the Jacobites.

  • Connor

    i learnt about how the redcoats and the jacobite weapons. my favourite part was seeing and holding the weapons that were used back then

  • Ben W

    I enjoyed playing in the park the most and I learnt that the Jacobites blew up the Redcoats castle.

  • lauren

    i learnt about all the different black houses and i got to see inside them i had a great time looking inside them and i also learned about how lots of people in the olden days lived in the castle

  • Lucy

    I leant that the jacobites did not like the redcoats.My favourite part was when we i was dressed up as a granny.

  • Tahreema Jahan

    1.I learned that the Jacobites supported King James.
    2.I liked it when I got dressed up as a market lady & went crazy when the ‘Jacobites’ attacked.:-)

  • Hannah

    When we went on the trip, I learned that the jacobites tried to take over the fort thingy twice, and succeeded when they got an upgrade (cannons) . My favourite part of the trip was when we learnt about all the weapons (Ouch!) the Jacobites used.

  • Karim

    My favourite part was going to the barracks.
    I learnt what jacobites were.

  • Abbey

    When we went on the trip,I learned that the jacobites wore a white cockade on a blue bonnet to show that they were jacobites.My favourite part of the trip was going round all the blackhouses and seeing what was all inside them.

  • Emma-Rose

    my favourite bit was when Lucy was dressed like a granny and I learnt how to dress mum as a jacobite 🙂

  • Alex

    My favourite part was learning about the Redcoats. I found out that the Redcoats and the Jacobites were enemies. I really enjoyed the trip but it was a shame we missed the sweet shop.

  • Cian Beattie

    I found out that when the jackibites atacked Ruthven Barakes with 120 men they lost and Ruthven Barakes only had 13 men!

  • Cian Beattie

    I liked it when I saw the Musket

  • Jade

    My favourite part was going to see the black houses and what they looked like inside. I learnt how the Jacobites put on there clothes and what they wear.

  • Mac

    I learnt how to put on Jacobite clothing properly. My favourite part was when we went to the village and saw inside the black houses.

  • Tulay

    i learnt what a rich black house looked like and what a poor black hose looked likemy favourite thing about the trip was seeing the diffrens between poor people and rich people in the olden days 🙂

  • courtney

    i learnt that jacobite folowed king james. my favourite part was seeing mac getting dress it was so funny

  • isla

    my favourite part of the trip was going to see the black houses and what they used to live like and what they look like inside.We lernt what wepins the jacobits used and what they eat and how they lived. Some people in the class got dressed up so i lernt how they dressed properly.

  • Miss MacKenzie

    Well done to everyone who posted a comment about something you learnt from our school trip, and the thing you enjoyed most about it. I have really loved reading all your comments.
    Since so many of you enjoyed seeing all the different types of Black Houses there used to be, and going inside them all, hopefully you will find this week’s Black House homework task a good, fun one! Good luck!! 🙂
    Miss MacKenzie

  • Emma

    I learnt about all the weapons and daily tools they used. The best part was going round the houses 🙂

  • Dorothy Pearson

    I was very interested to read how much you all seemed to like the blackhouses. I love them too. In fact we have recently had a holiday in a converted blackhouse in the isle of Berneray. It was just a tad different from the ones you saw……….it had underfloor heating and wifi! Some people might think that it must have spoiled the cottage but I thought it was a really sensitive conversion. I would like to think that the original builders would be pleased to see their old blackhouse being used and loved today. I can’t find a way of attaching a photo to this blog, so I’ll send an e mail to Rosie, and perhaps she will show some of you.
    I really enjoy reading your class blogs.

  • Miss Rae

    Hello Miss Mackenzie and P6/7, I thought I would have a look at your blog to see all the wonderful work you are doing. You are all working really hard. I’m loving your mental maths games too using cards. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Kara Mackenzie

    My favourite part of the Loch Insh trip was the dry slope skiing because it was my first time skiing. The thing I learnt most was that Emma, Isla, Tulay and I can’t keep a room tidy!!! But we did manage to survive looking after ourselves!

  • Cian Beattie

    My WW2 fact is that Hitler poisened his dog

  • Michael Bicknell

    The thing I most enjoyed about WW2 topic was making 3D models of tanks. I learnt that Britain made the most tanks.

  • Alex

    My favourite part of the Loch Insh Trip was learning to ski. I learnt that I don’t need my mum to make my sandwich anymore.

  • Lucy

    My favourite part of our ww2 topic was learning about clothes rationing . Food rationing srarted two years before clothes rationing (wow)

  • emma bennett

    my favourite part of loch insh was skiing, I learnt that I cant stay on a kyake for very long…

  • Edie Matthewson

    My favourite part of loch insh was the kayaking and windsurfing, althought it was REALLY cold! I learnt how to windsurt.

  • Emma-Rose

    my ww2 fact is that people had to have a carrot on a stick instead of an ice-cream! and my favourite part was when we made ww2 models in class 🙂

  • Karim

    My favourite part from Loch Insh was skiing.I learnt how to ski.

  • Tahreema

    my favourite part of our ww2 project was when we did our powerpoints about different topics.I learned that Hitler killed disabled and mixed race people mostly, and he didn’t just want to kill Jews.

  • Hannah

    My World War Two fact is that Anne Frank and her family stayed in the annex for about two years! And, in that amount of time, I don’t think they went out at all!! It would be a bit cramped….

  • Lauren Gardiner

    My favourite part of loch insh was when I fell of the kayak and I liked wind surfing. I learnt how to do wind surfing. I also learnt that I shouldn’t wear a black top underneath a white dress.

  • Isla

    My favourite part of the loch insh trip was skiing and the disco we made lots of friends and I learnt how to ski,how to sail and that me, kara,emma and tulay can’t keep a tidy room and not to leave damp clothes In ur room or it will stink

  • Miss MacKenzie

    I am loving reading about your favourite parts of our World War 2 topic, and some of the interesting facts you have learnt.
    For those of you that came to Loch Insh, it is really lovely to see what you enjoyed most about the trip, and remembering some of the funny things that happened… like smelly damp clothes, girls’ messy rooms, disco outfit disasters and lots more!! 😀
    I am looking forward to reading the rest of your comments this week.
    Miss MacKenzie 🙂

  • Abbey

    My favourite part of Loch Insh was the skiing and that i made lots of new friends.The thing i learn’t was how to do:skiing, windsurfing, how to controll a boat and how to build raft.

  • Elyse

    my favorite part of ww2 was when we all made our power points and i did one with Rosie and Mia we did the blitz.my fact about the ww2 project is that Hitler killed approximately 6 million Jews.

  • Tulay

    my favourite part of loch insh was skiing and archery. I learnd how to hold a bow properly i also learnd that i am nt the tidiest person ever 🙂

  • Jade

    My favourite part of Loch insh was skiing and making friends. I leant how to ski whoop whoop and I always wanted to

  • Ben w

    Food was good

  • Ellie stewart

    My fact is rationing started on January 1940 and ended on June 1954.

  • Mia MacLachlan

    I learnt about the war and also that Queen Elizabeth was a mechanic ! and 22 british spitfires were built in WW2

  • courtney hunter

    I know this not homework but I thought I would I would write about this year

    I’m really going to miss p6/7 it being the best class ever I’m going to miss all of you guy and yes even the boys haha

    miss Mackenzie thank you for every thing you have done for the class. the best thing this year has been the the ww2 topic

    I hope that the p6s have a great time in p7
    and best wishes to miss Mackenzie&co

    • admin

      Aww Courtney, that’s so sweet of you! We will all miss you lots and lots. Good luck in Fortrose Academy and please keep in touch.
      Love Miss MacKenzie & Co! xx

  • Isla redpath

    I just have to say I have really enjoyed being in North kessock primary school I have love the past 2 years miss mackenzie has tought me a lot not just at school but out she has been the best teacher ever I will miss her so much and my p6/7 class all the teachers have been so nice thank you so much miss mackenzie miss scare mrs Munro mrs Reid and more I’m going to miss everyone love you all ❤️

    • admin

      Isla, that is so so lovely of you! Everyone at North Kessock will miss you lots and have loved having you in our school. Good luck up at Fortrose and please keep in touch.
      Love Miss MacKenzie & Co! xx

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